Hello world!

Wow. It feels weird to be writing for my very own blog. Not that many people will ever know about it (hi Becca and Chrissy :P). Even though I’m an avid reader of blogs, I never thought I would ever have my own. I’m just too private of a person.

But things have changed. My other half is leaving me for an amazing adventure half-way around the world. As ecstatic as I am for Becs, it will be weird not to have someone I can write to with all of my thoughts just to get them out of my head. So that’s why I’ve started this.

This will be a place where I can rant about my hang-ups, revel in my accomplishments, and recap all the things I just don’t want to forget. This will be a place where I can thought dump without feeling bad, or getting a hand cramp from writing in my journal. All people mentioned here will remain anonymous, but I figure I’ll still talk to Becs enough (and definitely Chrissy) that they’ll be able to figure out who I’m talking about.


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