Looking back…and ahead

Inspired by another blogger I follow (*ahem*), I’ve decided to do a year-in-review to kick off my blogging career. I’ll also try to set goals, resolutions if you will, for myself for 2009.


2008 was a big year for me. I actually finished up my Master’s, after what seemed like an interminable 2 years (although that was for a variety of reasons, not all of which had to do with school). Graduation was a bittersweet affair, as I was excited to say hello to new challenges but was sad to say goodbye to good friends in Raleigh.

The month before graduation brought good news in the form of an internship in the PR department of the newly-opened DC office of a non-profit association that works with HR issues (I told you all would stay anonymous 😉 ). After working in that position for 3 months (and realizing that I was not as interested in PR as I thought I was), I got the happy news that they wanted to hire me full time into a different position.

I am now a Public Policy Analyst and absolutely in love with my job. I love what I do everyday and that no day is like the last. I love my boss and how supportive and eager to give credit she is. I am excited to get to know and work with our new hire who seems like she’s incredibly knowledgeable and will bring a different point-of-view to the department. I’m also excited that I work in a department of all women, but that could be the woman’s college graduate in me. 2009 will bring my year-anniversary at the end of the year and, over-achiever that I am, hopefully a promotion. But we’ll see about that.


As we know, making friends is not the easiest thing in the world for me. The anxiety of saying something wrong, of offending someone, of stepping one foot out of line is sometimes far too much and I end up being the blandest person in the world, instead of me. However, that seems to not have been the case in 2008. I have made some very good acquaintances through Becca’s college friends; acquaintances I hope to get to know better this year.

I left some very good friends in Raleigh and have been woefully inadequate in my efforts to keep in touch with them. I hope to change that this year. They were great people who I had a blast with and I shouldn’t forget them as easily as I did most of my college friends when I left Lynchburg. Just because they are out of sight doesn’t mean they should be out of mind.

But I also cannot forget the friends that I have reconnected with since moving to DC. I don’t have to make any resolutions with regards to y’all; there is no way I’m losing touch with you in 2009. 🙂


Ahhh. Now here’s the toughie. 2008 saw my continued struggles with members of the opposite sex. The weight loss, the move, and the realization that people do find me attractive all combined to throw off my priorities yet again. I thought I had finished with the flings when I left Raleigh, but I was to be proven wrong.

Summer saw the introduction of four “flings,” two of whom were ill-advised at best. I know Becca, you would argue that all four were but this is my blog now isn’t it? I learned from them all, however, and only two ended up being real jackasses.

Fall came, and with it Patrick (I know I said all would remain anonymous — but a nickname seems inappropriate since we only do that for the ones we can’t keep straight because they mean so little). So far, so good. Things are moving slowly for once, and he’s the first guy in a long time that I’m really and truly interested in. We’ll see how things shape up in 2009. Who knows what will happen but, for the moment, I’m happy.


The fun one. I do far too little of this, due to constraints on my vacation time and wallet. But there are a ton of trips to take in 2009. I won’t bother recapping my 2008 trips since there were so few. The memorable ones definitely were Chicago in the spring and….well…Richmond. All of the trips to Richmond.

2009 will hopefully have me travelling to: Taiwan (to visit my Becs with our friend Sze), the Outer Banks for Adamy’s wedding, WV to visit Harper & Jess, and the yearly family beach trip. I would also love to get back to Chicago to see Drew and Rebecca, as well as continued trips to Richmond to visit everyone there.


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