The Fambly

There are few things in this world more important to me than my family. Very few. If any. You know my mom is my best friend next to you, Becs. I share everything with her. And dad and I share our tendancies toward being anxiety basketcases and have grown closer as a result. My brother, gotta love him, is his own creature in his own world but I wouldn’t trade him for anything. Who else could take 4 years to get their 2-year degree and still seem happy? Well, obviously not  me. We’re all so different and, yet, we all get along and family get-togethers are something to look forward to, not a chore.

This year my goal is to reconnect with my granddad (who is 93 and amazing) and my relatives in the DC area. I can’t believe you still haven’t met Rachael, the adorable 4-year old daughter of my cousins Colin and Ashby. I’ll definitely have to meet them for dinner, if only to see her more. Jason and Kristen are also in the area and, they being the closest cousins I have to my age on this coast, I definitely should make more of an effort to hang out with them. And then there is Aunt Judy and Uncle Chuck. I’m completely indebted to them for giving me a place to live my first few months here and I still haven’t properly repaid them.

Lucky for me I really like, as well as love, all of these people. Otherwise, the above might be a real chore. 🙂


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