How to Keep Busy

Not like I need the help in staying busy, but I’ve decided to take on a volunteer opportunity this year. I really miss being involved with my youth group and with service projects through my various schools. It makes me feel good to be giving back. Here are some places I’m contemplating volunteering once or twice to see if they’re a good fit with what I want to do:

1) Alexandria Animal Shelter — This shelter is just down the road from my apartment, an easy bike ride really. I’ve always loved animals and have really missed having a pet so this may be a lot of fun for me. Plus, shelters always have a hard time keeping volunteers.

2) Alexandria Tutoring Consortium — While teaching college-level classes didn’t quite work out for me, I really loved giving students one-on-one help and was good at it. This group works with at-risk first and second graders to make sure they have reading and writing skills at or above their grade level.

3) United Way — One of my favorite non-profit organizations. Working with the UW would give me the opportunity to experience many different volunteer opportunities to find the one I most enjoy.

So, once January passes and I have a free weekend or two, I’ll keep you updated about my volunteer experiences and which one I like the best!


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