Travels Abroad, part I

So I just found e-mails that I sent my parents from London and Scotland when my brother and I visited this past May and thought I would share. Hope you enjoy!

Good morning all! Will and I safely made it to our hotel (not as cute as the one in Paris) and had a fantastic cab ride here. The driver was really friendly and we got his card and advice about what to do while we are here. We’re thinking open top bus ride this morning followed by shopping to get some cheap watches because our cell phones won’t even pick up the time here so we have no way of telling time at the current moment. Whoops. It’s been hard to find coffee so far so wish us luck in that endeavor. Hope y’all slept well (we didn’t as sleeping on the plane turned out to be impossible). Love from us both!!


Carrie and Will




Since y’all were so nice to send us on this trip, I figure the least I can do is to send you an as daily as I can make it travelogue. Because, let’s face it, postcards are out of the question. I’d buy them, write them, address them, then hand them to you when I got home. This is much easier. As I’ve been up for more than 24 hours at this point, todays will take the form of “London Lessons Learned” since I feel forming a coherent narrative is beyond my grasp. So here goes.


1) Minicabs will rip you off. Only use licensed taxis. (Don’t worry Dad, we didn’t find this out the hard way. The nice taxi driver I mentioned earlier told us.)

2) Subway signs advertising public toilets lie. The KFC, however, has surprisingly nice toilets (2A: When you say “restrooms” people look at you funny)

3) 24 hours without sleep and no idea where you are going and where there is coffee only seems like a good idea.

4) You need less caffeine than you think to stay awake for over 24 hours as long as you can sit on a Big Bus (seriously the name of the open air bus company we used) all day.

5) Carrie can stand the top-of-the-bus-in-50 degree-gray-London weather longer than Will but only until the camera battery dies. (Will: That’s only because I was wearing a t-shirt and windbreaker)

6) Sitting in the back of the bottom of the bus (where the engine and WARMTH is) will only put Carrie to sleep and worry the heck out of Will who sees himself riding the bus til the end of time until Carrie wakes up.

7) Knowing your left from your right is crucial to following along with the Big Bus tour.

8 ) Make sure to supply your own timepiece as it is not guaranteed that you will have a clock in your room. Or the capability to make local calls. (Update: Will and I did procure sweeeeeet watches. His is a Casio straight out of 1983 and mine is a men’s watch from the same rack with a gigantic white band).

9) A shower, change of clothes, and makeup (for Carrie) makes you feel less like a walking zombie and more ready to shop!

10) Booking a hotel within walking distance of the “mid-priced shopping district” might have been a mistake.

11) Carrie is more like Dad than any of us knew


I think that’s it. Will and I did find a great pub (The Swan) about 3 blocks from the hotel where we grabbed dinner tonight (he had the rump roast and I had the fish and chips — both delicious). Now he’s upstairs lamenting the broken television (which I hope is being fixed so I don’t have to listen to him whine =P) while I e-mail you about our not so adventurous day. Well aside from spending it alone, in a city where neither of us have ever been, on zero sleep. Other than that, no adventure at all today. Hope your day is going well!! I’m off to read and stay awake as long as I can (until 8:30 at least) before passing out.


Love to you all!!




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