Travels Abroad, part V



Today was definitely a laid back kind of day. The morning was almost adventure filled as the Underground line we used to get to Heathrow shut down after our train left due to severe delays. That would not have been fun. But we made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare. The flight was uneventful but empty. I haven’t seen an airplane that empty in a long time. It was good to have some room to stretch out. It was a great idea booking the Edinburgh Shuttle. We were able to walk right on and they took us right to our hotel! Perfect!


We got to the hotel with about 45 minutes to kill before we could check in which was great because neither of us had eaten at this point (and it was 1:15) and we were ready for food. So we found this good little burger place (wannaburger) around the corner and ate and then checked in.


I proceeded to pass out for about an hour and a half. Will explored the wonders of Scottish television (he apparently found the Scottish version of Mom’s House Hunters). Our hotel here is much more quaint than the one in London. And, so far, the service is better as well. Our room is about half as big, though, so this could get interesting quickly.


After resting, we headed out to the open bus tour. Again, best way to spend the first day in a new country. We got to see all of historical Edinburgh, twice. It took a lot less time than it did in London. =P


Edinburgh is breathtaking. It’s a lot more stunning than London is. There is much more green; it’s much hillier; and the buildings seem older. The streets are narrower and windier. It really is a step back in time.


After the bus tour, we attempted to find our way to Deacon Brodie’s Pub for dinner. Deacon Brodie was a lawyer in the 1600’s who “womanised and gambled at night.” He eventually took to nighttime thievery to support these habits until he was caught. He fled for mainland Europe but kept in touch with his family in Scotland and mailed them letters…with a return address. He was extradited, tried, and hung. And we ate at a pub dedicated to him. Lol. It was really good food. I can already tell that Will enjoys the food here better than the food in London. He scarfed down the steak pie he had for dinner. I had the mussels which were aaaamazing.


I have decided that all tourist maps are evil. They make everything look farther apart than it really is and they mislabel where streets are in relation to landmarks so it is incredibly easy to get turned around. For instance, Will and I spent 5 minutes at one intersection attempting to figure out how to get to the street we needed. We even considered calling a taxi. When we finally figured it out, it turns out Deacon Brodie’s was only about a block away. It looked like a good quarter mile on the map! Before dinner, we explored part of the Royal Mile which is a long set of streets in Edinburgh that has some pretty cool stores.


There we picked up another set of necessities in a warm jacket for me and a warm sweater for Will. I figured that if I was pretty much freezing for most of the past 5 days that I would want something a bit warmer for our trip to the Highlands tomorrow. And for £10 you can’t beat what we got. I was warm in my chest for the first time since I’ve been here (and been outside)!


Sadly, there is no internet room in our hotel here. They have free wireless but that does us no good since we don’t have a computer with us. So I don’t know if I’ll get another chance to e-mail before Friday. I suspect I will as I’m in touch with our friends from Bath about meeting up here. They decided to drive from London (yikes!) so we’ll see. I’ll try to get back here tomorrow but if I can’t, I’ll be sure to write everything down so I’ll remember it all to tell you.

Love from us both,



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