An Epic Weekend

So, while the subtitle of this blog promises recaps, I feel that they will be few and far between because, honestly, most times I don’t do anything that I feel is interesting enough that others would want to read about. I love my life and feel it’s interesting, but mostly it’s just me hanging out with friends and working. This weekend, however, was quite the epic adventure. And, as such, you get to read about it.

The weekend started Friday as I ventured down to Capital Ale House in Richmond for Becky’s going away party. Everyone who was anyone was in attendance. I saw people that I haven’t seen in forever, such as my partner-in-the-crime-of-annoying-Becca, Andy, and Angela.

The night began with the reaffirmation of our sign language versions of “that’s what she said” (the fist bump), “your mom” (pointing), and “I’m just sayin” (shrug with a knowing look) and dirty looks from Becca who abhors all things related to “that’s what she said” and “your mom” and ended with Andy and I “attempting” to put Becca in the fountain outside. Sadly, it was randomly wrapped in plastic so there was none of that. Kudos does have to go out to Susen, however, for coming up with the new sign for “that’s what your mom said” (exploding fist bump).

Saturday began with a farewell brunch for Becca, with Sze, at Cafe Gutenberg. A sad time was had by all. It’s still weird to think that my best friend has left for an entire year — but it just means I get to cross one of my travel destinations off my list when I go to visit her in the fall!

After an afternoon spent cleaning and at the gym, I met Amber, Tasha, and Alisa out for dinner at Las Tapas in Old Towne. Good food, but not good enough to make up for the bad service and crowded dining room. Luckily my dinner companions were fabulous enough to counter all that and we had a fantastic time at dinner.

Afterwards, I met up with Patrick and his friends Rebecca and Adam at Cleveland Park Bar and Grill in, you guessed it, Cleveland Park. I had never been out in Cleveland Park before and this was a really fun place to start. I must say that the highlight of the evening was discussing monster truck rallys with Adam (who is Australian) and getting to hear “Git r done!” shouted in an Australian accent. I get the giggles thinking about it now.

The absolute highlight of my weekend had to be my Sunday night. How odd, you must be thinking, that the bookend of the weekend would be the highlight. That’s what happens when you experience your first ska show with an amazing set of bands (Reel Big Fish, Streetlight Manifesto, and Tip the Van), participate in your first mosh pit, and get dropped on your head when you attempt to crowd surf (a lot less painful than it sounds). Oh and for the first time visit the legendary DC institution, the 9:30 Club. All of which happened to me Sunday night. Kudos are definitely in order for my friend Greg for organizing this outing. And to Kitt and Amber for coming along. Also, kudos to Amber for agreeing to attempt to crowd surf with me, even if she decided it wasn’t worth it after I was dropped on my head. Although, you really can’t blame her. I would have done the same thing.


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