Why I love Congress, part III

Ok , I know I just did one of these last night but some things are too good to resist.

Reason 3: Congressmen have a warped sense of humor. For example, in response to House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Rangel’s tax problems, Congressman John Carter (R-TX) has introduced legislation that would create the “Rangel Rule.” Basically, the bill says that any citizen that writes “Rangel Rule” on the top of their tax return would be exempt on any penalties or interest they may have to pay on back taxes. His argument is that, if Chairman Rangel doesn’t have to pay penalties or interest on his back taxes, that no one else should either. Oh, and he argues that it will help stimulate the economy. Because that’s everyone’s argument for anything these days.

And I would just like to point out the irony that everyone is pointing out in the fact that the person responsible for writing tax law, Chairman Rangel, is claiming he did not know about his tax liabilities on his villa in the Dominican Republic. I’m just sayin…


One response to “Why I love Congress, part III

  1. honestly, i haven’t really been paying attention to all the drama on the hill, but just from the tidbits i’m hearing, you would think that NO ONE over there pays their taxes! Daschle, the guy who was nominated for treasury, this guy…wtf people?? H&R block?!

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