Mark Warner is following me on Twitter, aka Why I love Congress part IV

After this past Presidential election, it seems that most elected officials are now embracing new technologies. In part I of this series, I blogged about the new House and Senate YouTube channels (which I really should keep up with more). I have discovered a new obsession among our Congressmen: Twittering. 

Yes, many of our elected officals now Twitter. Some do it almost obsessively (Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) twitters on everything from committee hearings she is in to what she’s making her husband for dinner), while others are obviously only there to see what others are saying (Sen. Orrin Hatch (R- UT) from whom you have to get permission to see his updates). Some use it to direct you to their press releases via links, and Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA), for some reason, posts tweets only in caps. I’ve also found a Twitter feed for the White House (oddly not updated all that often) as well as for the House and Senate floors so I can see the results of votes as they happen. 

Here’s a list of the politics-related Twitter feeds I follow:

  1. Chuck Schumer
  2. Claire McCaskill
  3. Mark Warner
  4. Ted Kennedy
  5. Mitch McConnell
  6. Nancy Pelosi
  7. John Boehner
  8. Eric Cantor
  9. Harry Reid
  10. Chris Dodd
  11. George Miller (he has 2 feeds!)
  12. Kay Hagan
  13. Orrin Hatch 
  14. Kay Bailey Hutchison
  15. Dick Durbin
  16. Barabara Boxer
  17. the White House
  18. the House floor
  19. the Senate floor
  20. The DemoMemo

If anyone knows of anyone else that’s twittering, let me know!


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