Weekend Restaurant Raves

Well….my blogging schedule lasted a whole week! That’s longer than I thought it would. 🙂 Sorry about that. These things happen though. Especially when things have been kind of insane for me lately and they don’t look like they’re going to get any slower. But! It was a good weekend. Two of my good friends from North Carolina came up to visit for the weekend, just in time for the Cherry Blossom Festival. This is my favorite time of year. Sadly, though, the day we went down to the Mall to see them was grey, cold, and drizzly. The silver lining there was that, while it was pretty insane, it wasn’t as crowded as it would have been had the weather been perfect.

After we had our fill of the blossoms and the kites on display during the kite festival, we made our way down to the Natural History Museum and the Air and Space Museum. Neither of my friends had ever been before. It’s always fun to go to the Smithsonians with people who’ve never been before because I see things with new eyes and things that I forget are there. For instance, the mammal room in the Natural History museum. I love this room and whenever I go with someone new, it’s like seeing it for the first time. 

As for the food, because my favorite part of every weekend is finding somewhere new to eat, we hit some really good places. Friday night we went to Taqueria Poblano in Del Ray. I love this little hole in the wall. I’m a huge fan of Mexican anyways and this place is quickly becoming my favorite place to go. I had a green chili pork burrito. It was HUGE. I could barely eat half. The pork was a little spicy but the refried beans cut it perfectly. The guacamole and crema that covered the burrito gave a sweet tang to the burrito. I can’t rave enough about this place. Following that, we went to the Dairy Godmother for some amazing, amazing frozen custard. I love how smooth and creamy frozen custard is and the Dairy Godmother has it down. They also have, potentially, the world’s best jukebox. I say potentially because it ate my money so we didn’t hear our picks but they were great pics.

Saturday saw us venture to my favorite Chinatown eatery, Matchbox. This place has amazing pizza. The crust is thin, crunchy, and has a smoky flavor from their brick ovens. They have a great variety of toppings, including artichokes and roasted red peppers, and sauces. We had one with pesto and chicken and one with spicy tomato, mushrooms, and roasted red peppers and were ecstatic with both. 

When planning for this weekend, I was distressed by the lack of really good brunch places in Alexandria. So we ventured over to Arlington to Metro 29 for brunch. We were not disappointed. After getting almost hopelessly lost, I had to turn over navigation to my friends who have a GPS because I got overconfident in my navigational abilities. Whoops. Once we got there, the place was packed but we still were sat in less than 10 minutes. The food came out within 15 minutes and the portions were huge. I wasn’t hungry until at least 3:00 PM after eating at 10:00 AM. I had a bagel with lox and cream cheese which is one of my favorite breakfasts. I was incredibly impressed because it turns out the lox was made in house and came out as a huge slice of salmon on my crispy yet chewy bagel. I’m still drooling thinking about it.

Overall, it was a great weekend with great food and great friends.


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