Things that make me smile

Ok so on this gray and foggy Thursday before my long weekend and sure to be amazing trip to Chicago, I’ve decided to not let the weather bog down my mood and have decided to share the things that are making me smile with you in the hopes that they also bring a smile to your face.

This morning, my friend Chrissy shared with me the most amazing contest from the Washington Post. Remember those dioramas we were always forced to do in elementary school? Usually of the solar system? That you always did with probably too much help from your parents? Well, last year the Washington Post decided to make the diorama actually cool. (I almost said cool again but realized they were never really cool to begin with.) I present to you: The Peeps Diaroma Contest! My favorite is the “Peep Art” entry. For those of you who can’t get enough, check out last year’s entries as well.

This next entry wins the “Most Random Viral Video” award. Apparently, the inmates at a prison in Manila had a little too much time on their hand and 1,500 (yes one thousand five hundred) decided to recreate Michael Jackson’s  “Thriller,” right down to the balding inmate in drag. Thank you YouTube.

And then there’s a story that I think should be making more of a media splash: an Ohio man who received a DUI for crashing his motorized bar stool. Seriously. I’m going to repeat that again because, well, it bears repeating. He got a DUI for crashing his motorized bar stool. What a genius idea!! With a lawnmower motor, he has a built in speed control so he really could probably only hurt himself. It’s an open vehicle so that limits the weather in which he can take out his stool. And really, coming up with the idea of a motorized barstool and actually making one shows some initiative and thinking outside of the box.

And finally, because Jackie called me out for not including this clip in the last random silliness entry, we have the Mahna Mahna Monsters. Enjoy.



One response to “Things that make me smile

  1. Yay Mahna Mahna Monsters!

    (Do do dee do dooo. Ahem.)

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