Back on track!

Ok back to the your regularly scheduled blog. 🙂 Sad to say I will miss blogging on Monday since I will be in Chi-town with the coolest kid ever, Drew. But I will return with raves about the city and his concert that I’ll be attending on Monday night. If you want to check out his music, and I highly suggest that you do, head on over to

While I’m suggesting ways to kill time, here’s a particularly enjoyable suggestion for you: Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next series of books. I’m on the third of five and I can’t put them down. They’re fluffy reads (as in don’t take a lot of mental exertion to read them) but have enough literary allusions that bibliophiles like myself don’t feel like they’ve wasted their time. Not that there’s anything wrong with a good Meg Cabot book, and I personally love Meg Cabot, but I’ve been on a kick where I want to read things of substance, such as historical accounts, books about politics, and biographies. But these things tire my brain out after a long day at work. Jasper Fforde and Thursday Next allow me to shut off my brain without feeling bad about doing so.


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