I <3 Chicago….except for the weather

So every time I go to Chicago (well, all 2 times now), I realize exactly how cool of a city it is. I don’t know why but it doesn’t make me clausterphobic like New York City does; it has a cooler music scene than DC (that I’ve discovered so far); it is incredibly more diverse than Richmond. If it weren’t for the schizophrenic weather, I would love to live there. But, this past Sunday, it rained, hailed, AND snowed all in one day. It was also freezing cold in April and I am not a cold person. 

It helps that two of my favorite people in the entire world live there and I get to stay with them whenever I go. One of them, my good friend Drew, was actually the reason for this past trip. As I mentioned before, I went to see his new duo, Sqaure, the Circle ,play. I was not disappointed. I was rocking out like no other during their set. The songs on their MySpace page are awesome, but seeing them play live was experiencing them on a whole other level. For one, they have a much wider repetoire of songs that they play live. They are also have an incredibly dynamic stage presence that brings you in and make you a part of the show. I really wish I didn’t have to buy a plane ticket to see them. 😛


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