Eff You, April

I would just like to express my supreme displeasure with the month of April. It’s an insanely pointless month, chock full of ridiculous weather. It’s 65, clear, and sunny one day and the next it’s 50, grey, and rainy. As someone who takes an absurd kind of pride in never checking the weather, this makes my life somewhat miserable. Today, I had to shiver walking from the Metro in my very cute, wholly inappropriate for the weather spring outfit.

And really, what is there in April besides pointless weather? April Fools Day (aka the day on which every year my friend John convinces me he’s engaged)? No Housework Day (aka most days for me)? National Read a Road Map Day? Tax Day (thanks for the reminder Jess!)?!?! Puh-lease.

As for you people out there who will inevitably throw the “April showers bring May flowers” line at me (quick sidenote — did not realize that was a full poem), I just have two words for you: Hay. Fever. Just sayin.

All in all, April = pointless and I for one am no longer recognizing its existence….in 16 days.


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