I’m a proud parent!

Ok so this just made my day. As a writer and avid reader, I’m absurdly excited by the English language. And now you can help save it in all its wonderful, intricate glory!

Did you know that 90% of what we communicate is done with only 7,000 words? It’s time to do our part to bring back the variety, intricacy, and breathtaking nature of the English language. To stop using the “synonyms” function in Microsoft Word and start picking  up a dictionary. To not be afraid of sounding “too smart” and using every word you know, even if others may not.

To do your part, head over to SavetheWords.org and adopt a word that needs your help to be re-introduced to the wilds of regular conversation.

I am the proud parent of alabandical and I hope to have such a night tonight. Not sure what I mean? Look it up.


2 responses to “I’m a proud parent!

  1. Carrie, you know the only reason you blog to spread information is because you have uglyography. 😛

    Oh yeah, that’s a word. http://phrontistery.info/clw4.html

    Also, the name of a punk band based out of Hampton Roads, VA. Strange, yet true.

  2. it was very interesting to read.

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