An Intellectual Crush

So I apparently really suck at blogging. Hey it happens. You get busy with weddings every weekend, explosions of healthcare comment letters at work, and designing and launching an online public policy toolkit (granted it’s going to be extremely rudimentary), and sometimes you just forget to blog. We’ve all been there.

Anyways, what has inspired my return to the blogosphere (albeit, if I’m honest, a very short one)? I have a crush. Not on Brad Pitt or Justin Long (although both are pretty dreamy), nope. I have a crush on Washington Post blogger and part-time foodie Ezra Klein.

I know, I know. It does seem strange but someone who can make the employer-provided health insurance tax exclusion interesting (bad example because I love this kind of stuff but for people who don’t, pretty impressive), uses charts with stunning frequency, AND can write a damn good entry on sustainable food…well he’s just my kind of guy.

Now I’ve titled this an intellectual crush because I have never met/encountered/seen Mr. Klein and really have only seen the pic he has on the Post’s website and we all know pictures are notoriously inaccurate. But until that happy day, I’ll continue to faithfully read both the Internet Food Association and his Post blog because every time I do I learn something new, and isn’t that the first sign of a great relationship? 😉


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