What to Read, What to Read

As someone who is never really at a loss for something to read (or so says the stack of 15 books on my dining room table that are my “To Read” pile and the box of 16 that I just picked up at a used book store), I thought I would share what sites keep me informed/entertained while I’m at work:

Mental Floss: One of the more random sites out there that covers everything from the origins of vampire and zombie stories to how big the Library of Congress is, this is my go-to lunch hour site.

The Atlantic: This is a magazine I discovered in the past month or so. They really hooked me with the recent front-page storyon the impending nuptials of Archie (yes, of the Archie comics).

The Columbia Journalism Review: A holdover favorite from the days when I dreamed of becoming a journalist, until shouldering the news section of a college paper by myself for a semester burned me out.

Twitter: With my following list including sarcastic journalists, incessantly twittering members of Congress, bloggers, and the Senate floor, I’m never at a loss for a link to something to read.

The American Prospect: It suits my liberal sensibilities AND offers great insights into the issues of today. What more could a girl want?

National Journal: I feel it’s important to get news from a variety of sources, liberally and conservatively minded, and since I can’t stand the gibberish they spew at Fox News, I read the National Journal. They also have more talented reporters than the aforementioned “news channel.”

Trendwatching: So here comes the marketing geek in me. I love this site and get their monthly trend briefings sent to my inbox. It’s a great way to stay on top of, well, trends (which are surprisingly handy in the realm of politics), plus I find cool products every month.

Good Reads: Ok, so it’s not a news site but it does help me find good, new books that I want to read, which may or may not be a good thing given the giant stacks that already await me. 😛

Well, I think that’s enough procrastination for one day. What sites are your go-to’s for sure fire procrastination?


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