Rules of the Ride

I feel like I’m missing out here. I live in DC. I ride the Metro. And yet, aside from your typical run-ins with tourists who don’t know what they’re doing, I don’t have any Metro rider horror stories. But I see their potential everywhere. The guy on my train this morning drinking from an open cup of coffee (why he didn’t have a top on it, I don’t know). The 4 people who felt the need to sit in the handicapped seats even though there were plenty of open seats. The people who get around the headphone rule by blasting their music so I can hear it when they’re almost a full car away from me. But, as of yet, these have all just been potential for a true Metro ettiquette disaster.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t any. Oh no my friend. Anonymiss in DC chronicles a particularly maddening one here. Moving Momentarily has a story that had me cringing. Lena Sun of the Washington Post has a whole article on the lack of Metro etiquette (sidenote: does anyone think that “metretiquette” could be a catchy word?). WMATA has even gotten on board with a public courtesy campaign.

Lest you think all I do is complain, here are some GREAT tips and rules from We Love DC about how to behave in the metro. My favorite (and personal pet peeve) is:

Unwritten Metro Rule #5: Be quiet. Turn down that iPod. We can hear it. And if you’ve got more than two kids with you? Teach them to use their ‘quiet voice’ on the train. Especially before 9 a.m. Most of us aren’t awake yet.

Seriously people, you may need those ears later. And you on the cell phone, I really don’t need to hear about how you’re going to be on the phone when you’re sister is giving birth so you can hear it. Just, ew.


4 responses to “Rules of the Ride

  1. On the Metro yesterday afternoon, there was a young man on his cell phone. He was talking very loudly, with mom. Apparently, he was coming home early from work because he wasn’t feeling well. I heard him announce, to the *entire* car:

    “I threw up like three times and passed out. Yeah.”

    The people directly in front of him cringed. Their companions, sitting on the other side of the car, leaned over and said quietly “You want to come over here?”

    We don’t need to hear that kind of stuff people. No way. If you’re sick, and you have to speak loudly on your cell phone because Mommy is deaf in one ear, don’t give out all the gory details. Yuck.

  2. Loves it, Carrie. Your voice really radiates here. Nice little snippet of DC life! I can’t wait to ride the metro quietly with you again soon 🙂

    • Thanks Liz! Hopefully I can keep the momentum going. Can’t wait to ride the Metro with you, hopefully soon!

  3. Anonymiss in DC

    Ok, Jackie, that story…ugghhhh….
    Love DC metro!

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