Ode to Mexican Food

Hello from Scottsdale, AZ! I’m blogging from my first ever, out of state, business trip. And I had many ideas about what my one blog from Arizona would be about. Would it be the gorgeous weather (who knew that no humidity would make it feel 10 degrees cooler!)? Would it be the most offensive yet catchiest song I’ve heard in a while? (For those of you who don’t want to click, the chorus goes “Shush girl/Shut your lips/Do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips.”)

Nope. It will be an ode to Mexican food. East Coast, where are all the small, local places that make their own tortillas? Why are all the inexpensive places the ones that think that Mexican food comes smothered with sauce and cheese? While I do love that some times, there are times where the simple is better. There are times where spicy, shredded beef, avocado, pico de gallo, queso blanco, and a homemade tortilla is the epitome of tastiness.

If you can’t tell, I am a huge fan of Mexican. As of yet, I have not found that go-to place in DC where I can indulge that love on a regular basis. There is Rosa Mexicano with their guacamole made table-side, but the price puts it out of reach for regular consumption. There’s Oyamel and I do love the idea of Mexican small plates, but I’ve only been once and haven’t been able to convince someone else to try it again with me. There’s Taqueria Poblano, but they are mostly of the “smothered” variety of Mexican places and, well, not so much in the summer.

So here’s to you Scottsdale and your multiple delicious Mexican restaurants. But, note to self, trying the “American Pilsner” from a Mexican restaurant that microbrews their own beer was not a good plan.


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