Why I Love Politics: How do you lose a governor?

I know that my semi-regular but not really series is entitled “Why I Love Congress,” but I saw this story and just had to write about it.

Apparently, Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina was missing from Thursday night until today. Missing. As in left Thursday night and no one knew where he was. His staff did not appear to know, nor did the Lieutenant Governor, his location.

Seriously people?? I know that the Governor and the Lieutenant Governor don’t get along but why would you leave town without letting even your staff know?

Well, his spokesman knew, in a manner of speaking. According to Politico, Sanford spokesman Joel Sawyer issued a statement late Monday night saying that the governor was “hiking along the Appalachian Trail.” But, the spokesperson would not reveal where on the trail the Governor was located.

The incredibly strange part of this story is that the Governor of the state of South Carolina has been and continues to be unavailable during a time of serious economic crisis. And no one told the person who was supposed to be in charge, aka the Lieutenant Governor!

Thank you for my mini-anuerysm of the day South Carolina. I needed that.


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