What I Miss About Summer

After stumbling across a post on The Frisky (aka the best site ever) dedicated to what we miss about childhood summers, I was inspired to come up with my own list on this slow Friday afternoon. So, in the theme of elementary school essays, I present you with “What I Miss About Summer.”

  1. Day long trips to the neighborhood pool that involved games such as Marco Polo and “Who can swim the farthest underwater.”
  2. Riding your bike super fast down the huge hill in the middle of the day.
  3. Amusement parks. Need I say more?
  4. The sense that things would change at the end of those three magical months. (Yep, blantantly ripping off one of the commentors on the original article, but this is the thought that inspired this post.)
  5. Flip-flops. Oh, wait, I’m wearing those now. Nevermind.
  6. Getting your entire face sticky from trying to eat popsicles before they melted.
  7. Camp.
  8. Having absolutely nothing to do in the middle of the day and not caring because it was so hot.

What about you? What do you miss most about summer?


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