Finding Your Zen

The title sounds incredibly new-agey and kind of silly, but, for me, finding a little zen in my day to day life is the only thing that keeps me sane. Those of you who know me may take issue with that statement, but just think how crazy I *could* be. Scary no?

Let’s be clear what I mean by zen. It’s not sitting on an open patch of grass in Franklin Square park, legs crossed, chanting. It’s not praying. For you, it could be those things. For me, though, it’s a feeling I get in my chest that reassures me that, no matter what, whatever is stressing me out is only temporary. It’s a feeling that there’s something bigger going on here that I really have no control over and, here’s the important part, that’s OK.

Now, as a 25 year old professional woman, it’s really hard to not get caught up in my world every day. But there are some things that I go to again and again to get this feeling, fleeting though it may be.

Today seems to be a stress inducing day for everyone I know so I thought now would be a good time to share. In no particular order:

  1. I got this video from a tweet from ABC’s Ann Curry and, with or without sound, it has a soothing effect on everyone I’ve sent it to.
  2. My friend Hunter is spending some time teaching in English in Burkina Faso. He has a great blog about faith and life that inspires me every time I read it.
  3. Cooking. Just the act of creating something coherent out of completely disparate ingredients is enough to get me out of any stress mode that I am in. In the absence of a stove, such as when I’m at work, I like to peruse Simply Recipes. The photography, stories, and recipes are amazing.

Well, there’s my midday take on zen and the art of being 25. 🙂 I promise the snark will return next time.


2 responses to “Finding Your Zen

  1. cutie

  2. I love your blog.

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