Beach Week!

This is it. This is the week I get excited for all year. Next week is Beach Week. Not your normal, raucous, drink your face off beach week such as many college students experience over Spring Break. No no no no no. This is my yearly family reunion with my dad’s side of the family.

There’s  20 members of my dad’s family and I think that there will be 15 of us in attendance throughout the week. There will be lots of games as there will be 2 under the age of 6. There will be a good amount of drinking, especially since my Uncle will most definitely be bringing the blender for his world-famous margaritas.

I will be using this week to take many walks on the beach, hopefully taking some bike rides (if I can find a rental place since I love mine too much to expose it to the sea air), and reading as much as I can. In preparation, I’ve picked up a few books to bring along. Three to be specific.

Now I just have to not finish them before I get there.


3 responses to “Beach Week!

  1. your fave cousin's wife

    You can ride ours if you can convince your fave cousin to bring them.

  2. Ooh, let me know how My Life in France goes. I will be at the beach too, reading decidedly less sophisticated books. 🙂 Man, I do love the beach.

  3. Hahahaha. Yeah I have really weird taste in beach books. Luckily a makeshift lending library always develops so I can read fluffier books should I feel the need. 🙂

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