Music and the Grocery Store

Since I no longer really use my car (thank you Metro), I no longer really listen to the radio. I do use, and adore, Pandora but never at home and only use it as background sound at work. All of this means that I rarely hear new music anymore. But you know where I’ve started hearing new, good music? The grocery store. Who knew?

The two songs that I can’t get out of my head that I heard while grocery shopping are Ben Lee’s “Catch My Disease” (a title that makes me cringe, by the way) and Parachute’s “She is Love.”

“She is Love” is a very sweet song and it’s my new go-to when I’m in a girly, romantic mood — and the band is easy on the eyes, which is nice. But the video looks like every other video I’ve seen lately, so this is a song I listen to rather than watch.

“Catch My Disease,” however, is amazing. I can’t stop watching it. It looks like the most fun video every made for what has to be a budget of $5. There are children’s toys, including a hula hoop and tiny piano. The big dance number is the electric slide. Lee double dutches with his guitar at one point. I can’t get enough of this video actually.

So now that I’ve discovered the grocery store as a place to hear new music, maybe I won’t dread that weekly chore so much anymore.


One response to “Music and the Grocery Store

  1. A few things: if you actually miss listening to the radio, why don’t you buy an inexpensive portable one for your desk? The more songs/artists you plug into Pandora, the more musical variation you get; keep plugging in stuff. Also, you can try

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