Kindle Day!

It’s Kindle Day!!! I received my brand-new, just released Kindle – a birthday present from my oh so amazing parents. Those of you who know me well will know that I’m somewhat of a techno-phobe. I didn’t get a laptop until I graduated college (2005). My first smartphone? That would be a top of the line Blackberry Curve (I couldn’t find a cheaper one) purchased last year at the behest of work. I just upgraded from my first generation video iPod because it stopped playing songs. So my excitement over my new Kindle goes beyond the device itself. This is only the second piece of technology (the first generation video iPod being the first) that has been considered top of the line when I received it.

Sure, there’s the iPad, which, I guess, is technically topper of the line but I’m still forgoing all things Apple (iPod excepted) for the foreseeable future. It’s a cult. ‘Nuff said.

Did I mention its wireless? And 3G? And I got a sweet cover for it cause I’m a klutz?

Anyways, back to the Kindle itself. After my last Barnes and Noble blow-out, I realized, lugging home approximately 40 pounds of books, that I could save myself the back trouble and some trees to boot by investing in an e-reader. I realized that I would save my shoulders the agony that comes from lugging a hardcover book, along with my work supplies, on my commute to work every morning and do my part for Mother Nature. There’s also the small fact of the dwindling space on my bookshelves. I also figured that I’d save myself some money in the process as there are a ton of books available for free online that are Kindle compatible.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not foregoing the printed word for good. No no no. For me, there’s nothing like walking into a bookstore and seeing stacks upon stacks of books just begging to be opened and explored. (My new favorite – Kramerbooks and Afterwords Cafe. Local bookstore. Food made on site. What’s not to love??) But I was bordering on the edge of addiction as it had gotten to the point where I couldn’t walk into a bookstore and not walk out with less than $80 worth of books. The Kindle, I think, will free me from the tyranny of the front of store display, which promises you endless enjoyment of the newest titles at a whole 10% off! Only to leave you feeling empty because the books are generally not very good.

With the Kindle, I can assure myself that I can safely walk past the front of house displays confident in the knowledge that I have a Kindle chock full of reading material and I can take my time and peruse and find a book worthy of a coveted spot on my ever dwindling bookshelves. My love for books, both physical and e-, is everlasting; as is my love of bookstores. But, like all relationships that are good and true, it must evolve. And I am very much looking forward to the next step in this one.


One response to “Kindle Day!

  1. The kindle changed my life, and saved me hundreds of dollars! Hooray for you!

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