27 Things About Me

So I realized I didn’t do a birthday post this year, which is unforgivable considering how much I love birthdays. Birthdays are awesome. When I rule the world, I will decree that everyone gets a paid day off work for their birthday. Your birthday falls on a weekend? No matter, you can celebrate your birthday “observed” on either that Friday or Monday. (I may have put a little thought into this.)

Inspired by Peace, Love, Nicole‘s post in honor of her birthday this year, I have put together a list of 27 Things You May or May Not Know About Me.

  1. I love long titles. They make me giggle a little.
  2. I save drafts of unpublished blogs long after I realize I can no longer publish them (timeliness, the topic I’m writing on is no longer relevant to my life, etc etc). They remind me that there is no right way to do this blogging thing and that some ideas are best left on the drafting table. My favorite draft is entitled “Writer’s Block” and is completely blank.
  3. I write for three blogs. One you will never read. Ever.
  4. I hate plain water. My hydration level rose significantly with the invention of those water bottle flavoring packets, even if they do taste mostly like sweetener.
  5. I love beginnings – of years, friendships, relationships, projects, vacations. The sheer possibility of what awaits thrills me like nothing else.
  6. Sometimes, I anticipate an event so much that the actual occurance of the event is a disappointment because there is no way for it to live up to my expectations.
  7. I love that’s what she said jokes but had no clue that it was abbreviated “TWSS” until last week.
  8. I don’t have cable by choice. My reality show habit was getting way out of hand.
  9. I am a book nerd. I’m currently reading 4 books and could tell you what was going on in each of them. However, once I finish them, I will sadly forget most of their contents.
  10. I freaking love cupcakes. Especially red velvet ones. Mmmmmmm….
  11. You know how everyone knows that one person who believes romantic comedies are real and that Disney had it right? Yeah, that’s me. Except for that whole “helpless princess” thing. That’s annoying.
  12. My definition of feminism is being able to do what you want without anyone judging you, whether that’s wanting to be a stay at home mom, start your own business, or run a Fortune 500 company.
  13. Birthdays are awesome and should be celebrated for no less than a week. (See introductory paragraph.)
  14. I love eating out.
  15. I love cooking for other people. I hate cooking for myself.
  16. Going to weddings stresses me out but I make every effort to go to every wedding to which I’m invited. 
  17. I’m really crappy at taking care of myself and tend to think that everything will pass in time, including strep, migraines, and persistent back pain.
  18. I love office supplies. Staples is one of my favorite stores.
  19. The best present I ever received was a roll of bubble wrap.
  20. I will remember random, tiny details from single interactions 2 years ago but will forget what my boss wants me to do in the time it takes me to walk from her office back to my desk.
  21. I’m incredibly shy most of the time. Sometimes I’m afraid that people take this as me being aloof or uninterested, when really I’m scared of saying something wrong or stupid.
  22. Most people decry the number of modern, classic movies I have not seen. Goonies? Nope. The Star Wars series? I’ve seen bits and pieces of episodes 4-6 (which I almost referred to as “the first three”), episode 1 all the way through, and none of episodes 2 and 3. Aliens, Predator, The Terminator serieses? Try again. I have friends who are dead set on rectifying this, if I would only sit still long enough.
  23. I stalk DC food trucks. If I could eat from one every day of the week, I totally would.
  24. My first concert was Britney Spears and ‘Nsync and I am not ashamed of this. In fact, I’m pretty proud of it.
  25. Political Twitter feeds are one of my favorite things. Sen. Chuck Grassley’s is the best for his over abundant use of Internet speak.
  26. People joke that everything is usually my fault. 9 times out of 10, I believe them.
  27. My next life goal is to go skydiving.

7 responses to “27 Things About Me

  1. Alright, Carrie…next time we hang out, we’ll go skydiving and watch all the movies we haven’t seen 😛

    I, too, am an outcast due to my lack of movie watching. So far the top “OMFG YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THAT?!?” for me are Jaws, Terminator, Aliens, Indiana Jones (all but the first), and most recently, The Hangover.

  2. Re: #27…………..ARE YOU NUTS!!! NOOOOO!

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