Wedding Season Approaches

I have four weddings to go to between now and October 30. Four weddings, three states, one crazy month and a half. And, as much as it stresses me out (especially the one weekend where I have two weddings in two different states in two days…yeah that’ll be awesome), I know that it should be a very good time.

As I head into the wedding marathon, I thought I would share the things I’ve learned about myself, about the couples I know, and wedding ettiquette in general. (Shockingly enough, this is in the form of a list. What can I say? It’s early and I don’t want to deal with transitions.)

  1. Avoid getting insanely hammered at the reception. Trust me, it’s more fun for everyone when there isn’t that one random person who everyone knows has taken too much advantage of the open bar. Save it for the after party with your close friends.
  2. The couples that don’t take “their day” too seriously are the ones that have the best memories down the road. What’s going to be more fun to remember – laughing with your new hubby over the small things that went wrong or the panic attack you had over the small things that went wrong?
  3. I prefer going to weddings alone, or with someone who was already invited to the wedding. I’ve never gone to a wedding with a SO who knew that group of friends and it’s too stressful to introduce someone in an atmosphere that generally resembles a class reunion.
  4. You have a year in which to give the newly married couple a gift. This knowledge greatly lessens the financial burden of going to out of town weddings. Do bring a card though; otherwise, it’s just weird.
  5. Be gracious. This is THEIR wedding, not yours. This is THEIR day, not yours. If you cannot be genuinely happy for the couple, or at least fake it enough that casual bystanders can’t tell, then don’t show up. There is nothing worse than seeing a bride stressed out because her guests are laboring under the misapprehension that, somehow, her wedding is about them.

That’s really about it. As a seemingly professional wedding guest, I can tell you that you’ll be everyone’s favorite person if you just relax and have a good time. Weddings are not times to reflect on the state of your love life, no matter how tempting that may seem. Weddings are a time to celebrate two people having found each other, in the face of overwhelming odds. And there really is nothing better than that.


5 responses to “Wedding Season Approaches

  1. Oh Miss Carrie, you truly are a professional wedding guest. I would even dare to say that you could quite succeed as a wedding consultant!

  2. Well thank you Liz! I just wish sickness and travel plans hadn’t prevented me from rendering my services at yours. 😦

  3. Oh Boo – I hadn’t even really thought of that. Yes, that was very unfortunate. But even your etiquette there was unparrelled! A kind curtesy call and a follow up visit not too long afterwards 😉

  4. Speaking of follow-up visits, I very much need to plan one for November/December since September/October are full of weddings and I’ve missed you!

  5. Yes, I hardily agree!!! Especially since Fred and I bought a new home for you to visit, too! My plans for Nov/Dec are nonexistient right now, so you’re welcome to pick whenever 🙂

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