Friday is Fun-day!

So I was reading over some of my past entries and I realized that I had a regular post on Fridays that I had totally abandoned. Today I will try and resurrect Friday Fundays wherein I share the coolest, funniest, and/or most random links that I have encountered in the previous week.

First up is one of my new favorite reads, people that are killin’ it. This guy is seriously the encyclopedia of all that is killin’ it. Not sure what “killin’ it” is? Read. You’ll figure it out.

This is not from this week but is still amazing. By now, I’m sure you’ve heard that Stephen Colbert testified before Congress on the topic of migrant workers. In character. The video is here and is priceless. Trust me on this.

Finally, another video that you’ve probably seen but I feel the need to share because it’s so awesome. All I have to say is that OK Go has taken the art of music video making to an entirely new level with their repertoire of music videos. I leave you today with the most recent.


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