My DC Bucket List

It dawned on me last week that I have less than a year left here in the great city of Washington DC. Approximately 10 months by my count. I can’t believe that my big moving day, the one I never thought would get here, is so freaking close. I figure that the only way I’ll be able to do all the things I want to do before leaving, and ensure those things get done, is to make a list. A list of all the museums, memorials, bars, restaurants, events, and street fairs that I have always wanted to visit but haven’t gotten around to yet. My DC Bucket List.

  1. Visit the Albert Einstein Memorial
  2. Visit 18th Street Lounge
  3. Eat at a Poste Roast (or just go to Poste)
  4. Drinks at Columbia Room
  5. Drinks at P/X
  6. Visit the DC Science Museum
  7. Watch a movie at Screen on the Green
  8. Watch a movie outdoors at a venue that is not Screen on the Green
  9. Attend E Street Cinema’s showing of Oscar nominated short films
  10. Attend the Crafty Bastards street fair in Adams Morgan
  11. Drink on one of the many DC rooftop bars
  12. Eat at Good Stuff Eatery
  13. Eat at Minibar (if it reopens; if not, eat at American Eats Tavern)
  14. Go to the “What’s Cooking, Uncle Sam?” exhibit at the National Archives
  15. Eat at Raiska
  16. Eat at Hush…again
  17. Visit Arlington National Cemetery 
  18. Attend the Maryland Renaissance Festival (shut up, it’s cool)
  19. Actually go to Eastern Market
  20. Go to the National Archives
  21. Bike the entire length of the Mount Vernon Trail
Anyone want to help check things off this list? Any suggestions for things I should add??


5 responses to “My DC Bucket List

  1. Have Lizzie take you to the Arlington Cemetery, if she hasn’t already offered. She somehow scored one of the family passes to drive into the cemetery to visit our grandparents. That means no paying for parking, and no dealing with crazy tourist crowds.

    • She has offered! We just need to pick a time, which always seems to be the downfall of plans. =P PS Welcome back from Peru!

  2. Carrie Clark. Anderson. Clark. Whatever.

    I will take you to the Ren Faire. Be prepared: I have garb. It starts at the end of Aug, but I’d recommend going in September, it’s a little bit cooler. Name the day, fair maiden. 😀

  3. how did the list go? let’s hear an update!

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